Culinary Artisans

Shintaro Miyazaki (Japan)

Chef de Cuisine Azure 45, The Ritz-Carlton, Tokyo

Chef Miyazaki has gained his popularity in Japan after leading the culinary team of Au Gout du Jour restaurant in Tokyo, where he won and successfully maintained the restaurant’s Michelin star ranking for 7 consecutive years. Graduated from a reputable cooking school in Japan and experienced several apprentices in France, Chef Miyazaki currently leads the team of Azure 45 restaurant at The Ritz-Carlton, Tokyo and continues to express his craftsmanship in patisserie through all his culinary creations.

Shintaro Miyazaki
Shintaro Miyazaki menu01
Shintaro Miyazaki menu02

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Event Schedule

Oct 1st (Thu), Oct 2nd (Fri) 
- Riedel Glassware Experience & Dinner -

Time: 6:00 p.m.    Venue: Azure 45 - Private Dining Room (45F)    Price: ¥24,000 (tax & service charge excluded)


Let us take you to a memorable wine dinner experience where you will discover a fascinating new-world of wine indulgence.
Working together with Riedel Glassware, the evening will allow you to partake in an educational yet entertaining wine enjoyment through glassware discovery, followed by a 6-course dinner created by Chef Shintaro Miyazaki.
The exclusive dinner features Chef Miya’s special creation for The Ritz-Carlton 4th Annual Asia-Pacific Food and Wine Festival, all are perfectly paired with 6 selected wines that will be elegantly served in Riedel glassware for guests to enjoy the wines at their best.

This Wine dinner is limited to 12 guests per evening.