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Ryousuke Nakatani (Japan)

Two Michelin starred chef

Chef Ryousuke Nakatani is the son of the Fumio Nakatani, the only person permitted to open a restaurant using the name of “Kitcho” by Kitcho’s founder, Teiichi Yuki. Started his career with apprenticeship at “Kitcho Tokyo”, he later inherited the family restaurant “Ajikitcho (Horie)” from his father. Chef Ryousuke believes in his mission to achieve Teiichi Yuki’s objective, “Japanese Cuisine as the World’s specialty”, and to continue his passion to spread the culture of Japanese cuisine. “Ajikitcho (Horie)” has won and maintained 2 Michelin stars since 2012.

Ryousuke Nakatani
Ryousuke Nakatani menu01
Ryousuke Nakatani menu02

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Event Schedule

Oct 1st (Thu)  - Kaiseki & Sake -

Time: 11:30 a.m.    Venue: Hinokizaka (45F)    Price: ¥18,000 (tax & service charge excluded)
9 course Kaiseki menu with Hakkaisan sake pairing


Time: 6:00 p.m.    Venue: Hinokizaka (45F)    Price: ¥35,000 (tax & service charge excluded)
9 course Kaiseki menu with Hakkaisan sake pairing



Wineries & Distilleries


Located in Japan's beautiful Niigata prefecture, Hakkaisan Brewery enjoys the abundance of natural resources and perfect climate for sake brewing. Brewed carefully with passion and thoughtfulness, Hakkaisan sakes are made from the best of natural resources available, making Hakkaisan the world renowned producer of highest quality and premium sake.
Hakaissan believes that the premium quality sake will carry a perfect texture, possesses the full-body and aroma but also clear and smooth taste to enhance the flavour of the food.
Hakkaisan continues to promote the sake culture and Japanese traditional fermented food culture by operating “Rice, Koji, and fermentation themed store Sennen-Kojiya. Hakkaisan’s company store also organizes a series of sake and fermented food seminars and workshops in Japan to continue its mission to promote its unique products.